Portable Wheelchair Ramps and Scooter Ramps

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LiteRamp™ Portable Wheelchair Ramps

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For over 12 years, LiteRamp™ has been the top choice in America to help people making their homes, businesses, or vehicles accessible with economical and practical solutions.

Our portable ramps are 100% self-supporting, which means you can instantly use them for your manual wheelchair, electrical wheelchair, scooter, or walker as soon as you open the box - no installation is required.

LiteRamp are foldable ramps. You carry them like suitcases - to wherever you go. We use 100% light-weight aircraft aluminum to build our product so you don't break your back.

Our prices won't break you bank neither.

We are not just another internet reseller - we actually design and manufactur LiteRamp™ - we can help you with your ramp needs with real and honest knowledge.

Wheelchair Ramps and Scooter Ramps

With so many different styles to choose from, what is the right ramp for you?

The LiteRamp ™ Difference

All portable wheelchair ramps are not made equal. What separates LiteRamp ™ apart?

Becoming a re-seller

Benefits of selling LiteRamp™


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