liteRampPortable Wheelchair Ramps and Scooter Ramps

LiteRamp™ 2-piece Portable Wheelchair Ramps

The LiteRamp ™ 2-piece portable wheelchair scooter ramp was first introduced in 2003. The idea was to break a full-size ramp into two separate folding suitcase piece, thus reducing the carrying by half. This simple idea was so successful with consumers that we have not made any changes during the years. Today, the 2-piece design has been copied so many times by other manufacturers that it almost became a standard.

No tooling is needed to split the 2 suitcase pieces apart side by side. Each piece folds down length-wise and has two handles to be carried like a suitcase. Locking the 2 ramp pieces together is effortless - all it takes is a single slide. Once locked, the 2 pieces do not have gap in the middle. So you can safely use the ramp for 3-wheel scooters. You don't have to worry about losing some loose parts on the ramp because there is none.

LiteRamp ™ 2-piece wheelchair ramps are available in 6-foot, 7-foot, 8-foot, and 10-foot lengths.

Customer rising a scooter on stair of 26 8ft LiteRamp on side door of Plymouth Voyager van 10ft LiteRamp on the back of Chevy Avalanche 8ft liteRamp on the back door of Nissan Exterra SUV 7ft LiteRamp on the tailgate of Toyota Tacoma truck Cusomter rising an 8ft LiteRamp into the back door of Buick van 8ft LiteRamp in 2 separate folding suitcase pieces Customer rising a Pronton electrical wheelchair on 7ft LiteRamp Our 2-piece ramps come in 2 separate suitcases how to connect together 2-piece suitcase ramps Ramp lip resting on stairs without the need of any anchoring each suitcase ramp has 2 handles

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700 pounds load capacity (350 pounds per side)
Separates and folds into (2) suitcases
Requires no installation
100% self-supporting - will NOT slip off stairs
Aircraft aluminum construction
Fully covered with safety non-skid tape
Weather resistant - can be left outdoor year-round
29-3/4" working width
Guarding curbs on both sides
(4) Carrying handle (two on each piece)
Multiple-handle design eliminates finger-pinch
(2) Built-in anchor holes for semi-permanent mounting

Ramp Selection

All application must be within load capacity:
350 lbs per side, 700 lbs total
Ramp incline must be safe and practical:
Wheelchair Ramp Selection Guide

Intended Use

Manual and electrical wheelchairs, 3-wheel scooters, walkers
Curbs, decks, steps
Side doors of vans
Back doors of most vans and SUV's
Tailgates of pickup trucks

Other uses: Dogs, mini horses, lawn mowers, steam generators,
copy machines, DJ equipment, janitor's equipment, BBQ stoves,
concrete floor grinders, medical instruments on hand truck

Do NOT use for: motocycles, pianos, organs


6' x 29.75"
40" x 15" x 4.5"
350-lb per side
700-lb total
17 lbs
7' x 29.75"
46" x 15" x 4.5"
350-lb per side
700-lb total
19 lbs
8' x 29.75"
54" x 15" x 4.5"
350-lb per side
700-lb total
22 lbs
10' x 29.75"
68" x 15" x 4.5"
350-lb per side
700-lb total
29 lbs

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