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Why Choose LiteRamp ?

12 Years of solid history

The phrase "ups and downs" is probably the best description of the U.S. economy for the past decade. The wheelchair ramp industry is no exception. Many US ramp manfacturers have disappeared in the face of fierce competition and lackluster consumer demand. Thanks to our customers, LiteRamp is still standing strong today. Customers have embraced our products and services pretty well, which is reflected by the near-perfect feedback score on Ebay: scooter ramp show me the score.

Best balance between quality and affordability

In today's ramp market, LiteRamp is priced in the middle range.

Many high-priced products offer so called "features" that in our view, are more commercially driven than actual usefulness. Take "lip extension" for example, if the extension is truly useful, then it should be built into the ramp itself. The truth? We've never had a "lip extension", yet, LiteRamp has been used on the back door of virtually EVERY van and SUV in the US and rarely had any problem.

In the race to the bottom, many internet resellers are flooding the market with poorly made but unrealistically cheap ramps. The reason that these products are so cheap is because they lack quality. Welding done by Chinese peasants can sometimes broken by hand. Safety non-skid tape is left out because it costs too much. After all, there is no free lunch in the world.

LiteRamp will never offer features people don't need. But we will never sacrifice safety and quality neither.

Knowledge + brutal honesty

We design and make ramps from the ground up. We even designed the extrusion dies for the aluminum panels that become the body of ramps. If you have any questions on wheelchair ramps, you can count on us to provide you with real-world knowledge and experience.

More often than not, we told potential customer not to buy our products, either due to safety concerns, or inconvenience, or the limitations of portable ramps. We do not trade honesty for quick profit.